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Booking & Payments

Book your ticket online at, by calling our call centre at 021 380 4400 (international: +27 21 380 4400), or visit one of ourĀ Sales Offices. Payment can be made by means of using your credit card. You are also given the option of reserving the ticket at the call centre with the payment option being Bank Deposit or a ticket pick-up at PEP or Shoprite/Checkers outlet. Alternatively, visit any Shoprite / Checkers Money Market counter or any of our offices nationwide. There may be an agent in your area who will also be able to assist.

In order to have the full selection of ticket classes and corresponding fares available to you, you are advised to book well in advance. Certain ticket classes sell out quickly, restricting your choice to the remaining tickets available. Generally, you will find the best fares if you book early (at least a week in advance, and longer for peak holiday periods).
You may pay with cash, debit or credit card at one of the offices or Shoprite or Checkers Money Market counters. Call Center bookings may be paid for via internet banking (electronic fund transfer) or credit card, bank deposit, Ticket pick-up at any PEP Store, and at Shoprite or Checkers Money Market counters.


Yes. See our section on Loyalty and Discounts.
You may speak to the office supervisor upon your arrival at an Intercape Office or alternatively call our call centre at 021 380 4400 (international +27 21 380 4400). Depending on the nature of the complaint, a case will be logged and the relevant department will contact you to resolve the complaint.


Yes, provided that you only accept assistance from porters employed by Intercape and identified as such. Also keep in mind that all luggage must be weighed and marked, and you should receive a luggage stub for any luggage placed in the trailer or luggage compartment of the coach.
Intercape may agree to transport excess and unusual luggage belonging to its cross-border passengers, subject to certain terms and conditions. We do not transport bicycles, fishing rods, surfboards, abnormal boxes, plastic carry bags and perishable items. The carrying of firearms, ammunition and/or fireworks or any other flammable material is not permitted on any of Intercapeā€™s vehicles.
Luggage over and above your allowed 20kg (30 kg for cross-border routes) will be weighed on Intercapeā€™s scale, and charged an additional rate per kilogram. Intercape reserves the right to refuse to carry luggage that does not comply with the prescribed limitations.
Certainly, you may take hand luggage with you, but in order to ensure that your luggage does not obstruct other passengers, large items must be carried in the luggage compartment or trailer.


Intercape has dynamic ticket fares, similar to airlines and hotels. Different ticket classes have different fares. Typically, the further in advance you make a booking, the lower the price will be as some of the cheaper ticket classes may still be available. Ticket prices tend to be higher during periods of high demand, such as school holidays and long weekends.
Intercape offers 3 different ticket classes: SAVER, FLEXI, and FULL FLEXI. SAVER tickets offer the best fares, however have limited availability and are more restrictive when it come to cancelling or changing a booking. Book early to take advantage of SAVER fares. FLEXI and FULL FLEXI tickets offer more flexibility but are more expensive than SAVER tickets. More information can be found here: Ticket Rules.

Travel Information

Call our Call Center on 021 380 4400 (international +27 21 380 4400).
On this website (Our Routes), by calling our Call Center t 021 380 4400 (international +27 21 380 4400), local Intercape Sales Offices, Shoprite / Checkers Money Market counters and Agents in your area.
The driver immediately informs the 24 hour Operations Room which evaluates the nature of the breakdown and dispatches either the closest mechanic or a replacement coach.
The sales agent that sells you your ticket will be able to inform you of the coach that you will be travelling on (Mainliner or Sleepliner).
Your coach number will be written onto your ticket when you are checked in.
We do not provide blankets or pillows, but we do recommend that you bring a travel pillow and small blanket along.
An SMS will be sent to the purchaser and passenger notifying them of the delay.
We do not guarantee departure and arrival times, but we do endeavour to be as punctual as possible under circumstances within our control.
All coaches are equipped with toilets, air conditioning, individual reading lights, reclining seats, and on-board audio/video entertainment.
Yes, but make sure you order your meals before making use of the other facilities.
The coach has scheduled stops along the route and this will be announced by the on-board crew before a scheduled stop.
No, but we do make refreshment stops along the way so that you may purchase food.

Make sure you have a valid passport and that all your paper work is in order (Visa if required, and proof of Yellow Fever Injections). Consult your local travel clinic for professional medical advice regarding required vaccinations. If travelling with children, see theĀ requirements for travelling cross-border with children.

Our Sleepliner coaches are equipped with wheel chair facilities, which need to be arranged in advance. Your own wheelchair will be transported in the luggage hold. Elderly passengers are advised to book their seat downstairs in close proximity to the lavatory to avoid negotiating stairs whilst in transit.
Certainly! All our coaches feature comfortable, reclining seats. Our Sleepliner seats recline 150 degrees, and with the extendable footrests, you will find the seating comfortable enough to sleep. Our on-board crew will ensure that the cabin lights are dimmed, and the audio visual equipment is switched off during sleeping hours.
Should you realise that you will not make it to the departure point on time, you may change or re-book your ticket up to 15 minutes prior to departure time, with the deduction of a change fee dependent on the ticket class. After that time, if unused, the ticket becomes null and void. Change your ticket by calling the call centre or at an Intercape office.
Seat allocation is available on various routes but it is only possible with tickets bought via our call centre and at Intercape offices. If you require seat allocation, call the call centre or visit the office a day before departure. The ability to reserve a seat is subject to availability.
Bring along your printed ticket or your ticket number, as well as a photo identity document.