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Intercape recognises that passenger safety is at the core of our sustainability and is therefore a top priority. Intercape not only adheres to, but exceeds the stringent safety standards required by the passenger transport industry. Intercape operates seven technical depots throughout South Africa and safety checks are carried out before each and every departure.A voluntary three-monthly certificate of fitness is performed in terms of Intercape standards, instead of the prescribed six-monthly one required by law.

Some of the latest technology and measures Intercape utilises to enhance and assist safety measures include:

  • Subjecting our fleet to A-Grade Certificate of Fitness tests, including brake tests on a continuous basis.
  • State-of-the-art brake test stations have been installed at our major maintenance depots.
  • Our professional drivers are trained and continuously re evaluated by our in-house TETA-accredited
  • Training Academy.
  • Satellite tracking devices are fitted to all vehicles and monitored on a 24/7 basis.
  • Drive Cam technology is installed on the coach windscreens to monitor and manage driver behaviour.
  • A drivers must sign a declaration stating that they are fit and rested before commencement of a trip.
  • Each professional driver has to undergo an alcohol breathalyzer test before and after each trip.
  • Enforcing a strict driver-hour management programme to eliminate driver fatigue.
  • Zero tolerance for speeding. Drivers are not allowed to exceed 95km/h where the prescribed speed limit is 100km/h for passenger transport vehicles.
  • Additionally the Intercape standard is 45km/h when driving on a mountain pass.