Intercape’s slogan has always been “Safe, dependable, affordable”, and we have always strived to continuously improve on those three aspects. That is why we are introducing our new Budgetliner coach, which will be just as safe and dependable as all our other coaches, but even more affordable. This means that people on a strict budget can now afford to visit their friends and family more often, almost anywhere in South Africa.

Just because you pay less to travel in the Budgetliner does not mean that we sacrifice all the luxuries we have on our other coaches. The Budgetliner is a semi-luxurious coach that still includes very comfortable reclining seats so that you can relax or take a nap while our trained and professional drivers safely transport you to your destination. The seats also have seatbelts to minimise your risk of injury in case the unthinkable happens.

Intercape Budgetliner Coach

To further ensure your safety, our Budgetliner is also equipped with a drivecam to monitor and manage our drivers’ behaviour to see if they in any way put our passengers’ safety at risk. Like all our coaches, the Budgetliner is also equipped with satellite tracking devices that are monitored 24/7, so we will be able to inform you at any given time where the coach is.

The Budgetliner also has air conditioning so that you can feel as comfortable as possible, no matter the time of the year. If it’s too cold or too hot for your taste, you can always close or move the overhead vents to suit your personal requirements.

Budgetliner Intercape Coach Air Con

One thing that the Budgetliner does not have that our other coaches have, is on-board monitors to view our Intertainment channel. This will not be a problem for people who want to relax in silence or lose themselves in the beautiful Southern African countryside. However, passengers will still have free access to our Intertainment channel (which includes feature films, documentary films, music videos, movie reviews, talk shows, sport programs, kids entertainment, and much more) on their smart devices.

Budgetliner Intercape USB Ports

Passengers can also rest assured that their phones or other mobile devices won’t go flat because the Budgetliner comes with USB ports so that you can charge your device’s batteries. So, you can watch your preferred movies and clips and listen to your favourite songs, or keep in touch with friends and family the whole way. And if you prefer a good book rather than video or audio entertainment, we have overhead reading lights so that you can lose yourself in your book without disturbing the other passengers. The Budgetliner also does not have restroom facilities on board like our other coaches, but we will make more regular stops along our route for people to go to the restroom or to buy food and drinks.

The Budgetliner coaches will start operating on 25 November 2019, just in time for people who want to go on their summer holiday or to visit friends and family. Since the Budgetliner makes coach travel even more affordable for everyone, you can afford better Christmas presents with the money you will save. Booking your bus tickets now!