Due to a high demand on various routes, Intercape introduces the following services, to make travel easier during the June school holidays. The extra services include:

  • Durban to Upington via Bloemfontein & Kimberley
  • Cape Town to Durban via Port Elizabeth
  • Mosselbay to Pretoria via Potchefstroom
  • Potchefstroom/Klerksdorp to Umtata via Kimberley

These routes are serviced with luxury coaches which include USB charging points, extra-wide seats, reclining seats, on-board entertainment, 20% extra legroom, aircon, reading lights and much more.

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Intercape always aims to provide safe, affordable and reliable luxury bus transport throughout Southern Africa and are proud to announce two new permanent routes. The Cape Town to Pretoria via Kimberley and Windhoek to Bulawayo via Victoria Falls routes were officially introduced 1 June 2018. These routes help to create a bigger footprint for us.

Our passengers’ needs are a very high priority. Our coaches have now been fitted with USB charging points for extra convenience. We know how important it is to remain connected with friends and family during a long journey. Also, the safety of our passengers is as important as their comfort. Our drivers strictly adhere to the 98km per hour speed limit. Extensive safety inspections are completed before every trip. And each bus is under 24hr satellite tracking. Plus, two professional drivers are assigned per trip and their behaviour is closely monitored.

How to Keep Kids Busy on A Long Bus Drive

It seems that time moves slower when you’re a kid. A bus trip of 30 minutes can feel like 30 hours in the world of small people. If it’s the first time you are travelling with your kids, we have a few suggestions to make it a more enjoyable journey.

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Many of the Intercape bus routes travel by night, but the daylight parts can become a big challenge for kids. And you don’t want to frustrate your fellow passengers when your kids become too antsy. The following games are easy ways to distract kids and keep yourself busy in the process as well. The trick is to keep their minds busy!


It’s a timeless classic that keeps both parents and kids entertained for hours. A bus full of people and luggage can provide endless spying opportunities. The game starts with the statement “I spy something…” Here you can add either a colour or a very vague clue, for example “I spy something red that carries things”. The idea of the game is to try and be a bit vague, so that the other players must carefully observe the environment to figure out what item was spotted by the spy. If the other players are struggling to figure out the spotted item, extra clues can be provided. The person that guesses right, gets to start the next round.


Depending on the amount of people travelling together, you can play either as individuals or as teams. Or if your fellow travellers want to join in the fun, you can include your seatmates. Pick a topic of common knowledge that all the kids are familiar with, such a favourite movie or school activities. You can also link it to something that the kids are looking forward to on the holiday. For instance, if you will be visiting the zoo, a question could be “name five striped animals that you want to see”.

Verbal Charades

This game works like the board game 30 Seconds. Instead of acting out the clue with your body, you must verbally describe it. Write down a few words and phrases on pieces of paper and place these in a bag or hat. A player pulls out a piece and starts describing the item. You can decide if you want to put a time limit on it, like the board game, or simply stretch out the game until someone figures out what is being described.

Punch Buggy or Punch Plate

This one is similar to I Spy, but instead of guessing a mystery item, something is selected that everyone has to spot. The road trip game started out with spotting Volkswagen Beetles and calling out punch buggy followed by the colour. But you can use the concept on anything passing by the bus windows. A few ideas include windmills, cows or sheep, or the same type of car as your family car.

The punch plate option can be used to spot cars from specific provinces, such as all the GP cars. Let the kids keep count of how many cars they can spot with the same number plate, and call out punch plate one, two, three and so on. The aim of the game will then be too see who can spot the most cars.

Intercape Is Passionate About Transporting People

We have been helping people travel across Southern Africa since 1979. Over the years we have tweaked our busses to provide the most comfortable and convenient travelling option. We also carefully select our drivers and other staff members to comply with our work ethics, ensuring that our passengers feel safe and cared for while interacting with Intercape. To book your bus tickets with us click here.


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