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We are recruiting for an experienced Bookkeeper to join our finance team!



  1. Account Reconciliations, Month-end Reporting & Monthly/Weekly/ Daily Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Financial Accountant with the reconciliation of the General Ledger per entity (Core & Africa “C&A”).
  • Ensure all accounting journals are reviewed by the FM and filed with supporting documentation (C&A).
  • Prepare the reconciliation for all sub-ledgers and nominal ledgers and ensure they reconcile (C&A).
  • Monthly reversals of the prior month future income, accruals (C&A) and foreign currency translation journals (Africa) prepared and submitted to Financial Manager for review.
  • Foreign currency translation journals prepared for current month and submitted to Financial Manager for review (Africa).
  • Prepare inventory journals and reconciliations (Core).
  • Prepare accrual and provision journals and reconciliations (C&A).
  • Assist with the clearing of suspense accounts on a daily basis as directed by the Financial Accountant and Management (C&A).
  • Prepare the reconciliation of payroll related costs to external payroll reports (C&A).
  • Assist the Financial Accountant with the preparation of intercompany balances and transaction reconciliations (C&A).
  • Ensure management is immediately informed of any unresolved issues or discrepancies that pose a potential risk to the business (C&A).
  • Ensure management accounts provide an accurate reflection of monthly business results (C&A).


  1. Debtor Account Reconciliations, Processing & Account Managing (Core):
  • Ensure account reconciliations and matching are done timeously and accurately.
  • Ensure all journals (correcting and reallocation) are accurate and validated and signed by the preparer and Debtor Manager.
  • Assist with processing of journals and receipts in SAGE as needed.
  • Ensure long outstanding items are cleared or items that cannot be cleared has valid reasons with supporting documentation.
  • Ensure all shortages of cash are timeously followed up on and resolved and where applicable that short forms that comply with legal requirements are completed and sent to HR.
  • Ensure all outstanding items are resolved timeously.
  • Ensure management is immediately advised of discrepancies to highlight potential theft and/or fraud cases or unresolved issues.
  • Ensure monthly that all sub ledgers, general ledger and age analysis’ are in balance with each other.
  • Ensure all cash count sheets reconcile back to records in the accounting package and that any reconciling items are resolved timeously.


  1. Product Knowledge and utilisation of all systems used in Intercape:
  • Ensure up to date knowledge of the product (SAGE/MOVE/BOOKING SYSTEM) and taking initiative in broadening own skills in the use of the product
  • Responsible for effective utilisation, accurate capturing, and thorough record keeping on all systems relevant to perform daily tasks within department
  • Responsible to ensure that you have received training on SAGE/MOVE/BOOKING SYSTEM/all other applicable systems


  1. Completed Admin:
  • Ensure company finance and admin policies, procedures and time requirements are adhered to at all times
  • Ensure procedures and deadlines are adhered to at all times
  • Assist with Audit preparation and filing


  1. Managed Risks:
  • Assist with cost reduction by identifying and suggesting innovative ways of sustained cost reduction across the business.


  1. Service Oriented Environment & Supplier Relations:
  • Ensure professional impression is maintained at all times
  • Ensure respectful communication with customers when handling queries
  • Ensure good relationships and teamwork with other staff and provide assistance to resolve queries.
  • Ensure good relationships exist with suppliers, inter-company departments and related parties


  1. Self-Management:
  • Ensure a positive attitude, teamwork, punctuality, integrity, respect and professional reputation is maintained as an ambassador for the company.
  • Ensure impeccable personal appearance
  • Ensure self-motivation and accuracy in accounts and processes are adhered to
  • Assist by providing personal commitment to suggest ways of doing things differently, improve performance and increase the value for all.
  • Understand the Value of Intercape.
  • Ensure effective communications with customers, suppliers and colleagues and full participation in VBM meetings.
  • Take initiative to ensure regular feedback.



Grade 12



Minimum 5 years relevant experience

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