Intercape Sleepliner i6 Plus

The year is at its end and while most people prepare to go on holiday to relax and be with their loved ones, Intercape is preparing for our busiest time of the year. Still, we would like to give our customers an overview of the year and what people who will use our services this holiday can expect from us, since this is the best time to assure people of our safe, dependable, and affordable services so that they can plan their holiday in advance.

Among our other services, such as parcel delivery services, intercity passenger transport is the core of Intercape’s business. Our extensive route network connects all major cities in seven countries across Southern Africa, namely South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi. We operate a fleet of approximately 160 luxury single- and double-decker coaches, transporting more than 1.2 million passengers per year. Our exclusive Sleepliner and Mainliner services both offer industry-leading levels of luxury and comfort and it is easy to book your bus tickets online.

Intercape’s modern fleet complies with and exceeds the highest level of passenger comfort and safety. Always striving to lead the way, Intercape was the first company to introduce the Sleepliner business class seats on intercity routes and in 2012 we introduced the G7 Sleepliner, a brand-new and innovative addition. These coaches, like any of our Sleepliner coaches, are equipped with the most comfortable sleeper seats which will enable you to sleep through the trip and arrive at your destination fresh and functional. For people who do not want to sleep and enjoy every part of the journey, both the Sleepliner and Mainliner coaches have comfortable, reclining seats with padded memory foam and seat belts for your comfort and safety, as well as extra legroom with a leg rest, air conditioning, on-board toilet and washing facilities, and audio and visual entertainment.

Intercape Sleepliner i6 Plus Interior Pair

Safety is our top priority when it comes to our passengers and in 2014 we introduced the 60-seater full-luxury i6 Irizar coaches. At Intercape, we always strive to stay up to date with the latest technologies and innovations, so in 2017, we introduced the newly improved i6 coaches with a new interior and laminated flooring, comfortable seating with double-padded head rests for maximum comfort, and USB charging points for customers who prefer to work and play on their own gadgets and would like to keep them charged. We also introduced the brand-new i6 Plus coaches for ultimate passenger comfort and safety. These i6 Plus coaches include USB charging points, double-padded headrests, air conditioning, reading lights, improved toilets facilities, special safety features, overboard entertainment on our Intertainment channel (featuring wholesome, family-friendly material such as feature films, documentaries, music videos, movie reviews, talk shows, sport programmes, and kids’ entertainment), and many more features that with no additional cost to the customer.

Intercape Sleepliner i6 Plus Group

For many people, the December holiday is more than just a holiday; it is a holy time of the year when people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Even though Intercape welcomes customers from all religions and all walks of life, we are still a Christian organisation and we will therefore continue to grow the company through the grace and guidance of God, by our commitment to the advancement of our people and the Kingdom of God on earth, and by winning our laurels honourably by fair trading, exceptional effort, and superior service. On behalf of Intercape, we wish you all safe travels, a very merry Christmas, and a very happy and prosperous 2018. By the grace of God, we will be able to serve you again this time next year.

Intercape Sleepliner i6 Plus Line